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Who Are We?
The Federation of Child and Family Services of British Columbia (FCFS) was established in 1982 to create a province-wide network of community agencies providing services to children, youth and families.

Membership Categories
Full (voting) members include agencies who provide direct services to children, youth and families in British Columbia

Associate (non-voting) members include local, provincial, national and international organizations who support the goals of the federation

The memberships year is from April 1 to March 31. Dues are based on member agancy's total operating budget

Our Members
Federation membership includes approximately 100 community agencies from all parts of British Columbia with annual budgets ranging from $50,0000 to $12 million.
Member agencies provide a broad range of services to children, youth and families, including:

  • Family support programs

  • Residential services

  • Youth programs

  • Support for children with special needs

  • Adoption support programs
What We Do
The Federation:
  • supports member agencies in achieving quality standards of care for children, youth and families

  • offers a Standards of Services Manual and Generic Policy Manual

  • offers low-cost employee benefit, liability, and general insurance packages

  • provides access to administration and program expertise

  • is a strong representitive voice in Victoria

  • participates in a broad range of government initiatives

  • presents an annual award for excellence in child and family service

  • publishes a newsletter, Forum, three times a year
How We Do It

  • Our regular membership meetings provide a forum for exchanging information both publicly and confidentially, identifying emerging issues, and networking. Meetings often include guest speakers and particiapation by government representitives.

  • Committies are the backbone of the Federation. Committee membership gives agencies the opportunity to contribute to a variety of inititivies. This in turn allows us to respond to significant issues concerning the children and families of B.C.

  • Staff in our executive office actively work to promote the interests of the Federation, in addition to coordinating day-to-day activities and distributing key information to members

Mission Statement:
The Federation of Child and Family Services of B.C. is the collective voice of member child-and-family serving agencies throughout the province. We:

  • promote and enhance the development and quality of services for children and families in B.C.

  • provide a forum for child and family services to collaboratively address issues of mutual concern

  • provide educational opportunities in areas of interest to member agencies

  • encourage partnerships with local communities and contracting Ministries

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