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Okanagan Aboriginal AIDS Society Who We Are


Meeting the needs of the Okanagan Aboriginal Communities;
Providing Education, Advocacy & Support concerning HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

The Okanagan Aboriginal AIDS Society (OAAS) has been providing services to and for people in the Okanagan Valley with Aboriginal ancestry since 1999. We have a volunteer of board of directors where all but one are of Aboriginal descent and an Acting Executive Director who volunteers hundreds of hours every year to keep the Society running.

The area we cover falls within the traditional lands of the Okanagan Nation north of the Canadian/US border, which is also part of the BC Interior Health Region. OAAS is here to deliver information and serve all of those who claim Aboriginal ancestry, whether they are First Nations, Métis or Inuit, whether they are on or off reserve, status or non-status, registered or non-registered.

We also work with the Friendship Societies within the valley, providing them with information and assistance when requested. Our library of resources contains information on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C and is available to any person who wants or needs culturally sensitive material and research documentation that is specific to the Aboriginal population. Our office is located within the AIDS Resource Centre on Richter Street in Kelowna, BC.

OAAS has an educator who goes throughout the Okanagan Valley to present information to audiences on request or will set up booths with displays for public awareness. We have the capacity to deliver most types of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and harm reduction information that is requested.

We work with the AIDS Resource Centre and other AIDS Service Organizations, meeting the needs of the Okanagan Aboriginal community for the education, advocacy and support for those who have the viruses and their positive support network. Friends and family of people with HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C are invited to discuss their concerns with our office.

OAAS belongs to the Red Road HIV/AIDS Network, Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, and the Pacific AIDS Network, and we attend their conference and workshops so that we can bring the material and knowledge back to our area to better serve our people.
202-1626 Richter St
Kelowna, BC V1Y 2M3

Tel: 250.862.2481
Fax: 250.868.8662


Come and see us with your concerns and see how you can help to raise awareness in our communities.

The Okanagan Aboriginal AIDS Society is committed to providing the highest quality education, prevention and support services for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C to Aboriginal Communities in the Okanagan Valley.

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