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Canada for Visitors.
I write bi-weekly articles on everything you need to know about visiting Canada - anywhere in Canada. Hundreds of links broken down into catagories so you can find them easily.

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British Columbia
Some of my favorite places to visit in B.C.

Visiting the Islands
Islands of the Georgia Strait are explored.

Take a year round tour of the "Four Season's Playground"

Visit colourful Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.

Everything you wanted to know about visiting Calgary, Edmonton and the rest of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta
A quick overview of this Klondike City with the largest mall in the world.

Calgary Day Trip
You've been in Banff for a week and you have seen everything there is to see at least once. Time for a trip into Calgary.

Exploring Calgary
The Calgary Explorer site is reviewed as one of the best sites on the internet for information about Calgary.

Banff, Alberta
Banff is yours to discover and a wonderful place to visit.

Saskatchewan is more than just wheat. Come visit this resource for information on accomodations and watch it as it grows.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
A Haunted Hotel, and the home of the 1999 PanAmerican Games. Take another look at Winnipeg.

Regina, Saskatchewan
Home of the R.C.M.P. and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Come see what Regina has to offer.

Friendly Manitoba has much to offer people who are visiting. See this ever growing page for more details.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
A Haunted Hotel, and the home of the 1999 PanAmerican Games. Take another look at Winnipeg.

The home to the 1999 Pan Am Games and a city rich in history.

Accommodations and restaurants in ottawa.

Tulip Time
The annual Tulip Festival in Ottawa brings out over three million flowers for everyone to enjoy.

Ottawa Overview
A quick look at our nation's capital.

City guides, accommodations and restaurants in Toronto.

Toronto: A Grand Old City
A view of the friendly giant from one western visitor.

An over view of some of the attractions in Toronto so you can plan your summer get-away.

Niagara Falls - Bed and Breakfast
Links to B&B's in the Niagara Falls area.

Niagara Falls - Camping
Links to campgrounds in the Niagara Falls area.

Niagara Falls - Hotels
Links to hotels and motels in the Niagara Falls area.

Niagara Falls - Restaurants
Links to restaurants in the Niagara Falls area.

Niagara Falls - Sightseing
Links to sightseeing and tour companies in the Niagara Falls area.

Niagra Falls
There is much to do in Canada's Honeymoon Capital.

Sudbury, Ontario
A nine-meter nickel? How about an observatory, 2,100 meters underground? Come check out Sudbury as a possible destination for your next vacation.

Québec City
Accommodations, restaurants and city guides to Québec City.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about Montréal, but didn't know who to ask.

Finding Montréal
Getting to Montréal can be half the fun. Check out these modes of transportation to help you get to Montréal

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New Brunswick
This resource is growing fast with all that New Brunswick has to offer.

Prince Edward Island
Atlantic lobster on the Atlantic Ocean, hotels in Charlottetowns and more.

Nova Scotia
Scottish influence in the accomodations in Nova Scotia are evident in the links I have found.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Visit the hub of Atlantic Canada's commerce and a city steeped in history, waiting for you to discover.

Newfoundland/Labrador knows what hospitality means to people on vacation.

Review of one of the best sites on the net designed to showcase a province.

  Yukon Territory
The Yukon is steeped in history and historical places to visit.

Whitehorse, YT
Modern day Whitehorse is no longer a gold rush town, but a great place to get away from it all.

Northwest Territories
Visiting "The Territories" can turn a humdrum vacation into a great holiday. Links here will help you plan for that adventure

Nunavut became a reality April 1, 1999, so now is the time to visit Canada's True North.

Exploring Nunavut
Start here for your exploration of Canada's newest territory.

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A listing of airlines serving regional and national airports.

Paying for Premium Flights
Stay over a Saturday night and save 2/3 of your flight costs.

Travelling with Pets
Things to know if you bring your pet with you on vacation.

Car Rental at Airports
If you are flying into Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, or Winnipeg you can prearrange your car rental at this interactive site.

ViaRail: Eastern Routes
Toronto to Halifax by ViaRail, Canada's national passenger rail service.

ViaRail Holiday
Take a train trip with ViaRail across Western Canada.

Winter Driving Conditions
Winter traveling in BC is made a little easier if you watch for the road reports.


Visiting Canada
Just a couple of things tourists should be aware of before they cross the border into Canada.

Custom House Exchange Rates
Custom House provides current exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and most major foreign currencies.

Royal Bank Financial Analysis
The Royal Bank of Canada has a daily Currency & Credit Market report in Adobe Acrobat format.

Car Insurance Advice for Visitors
Excellent advice from the Insurance Bureau of Canada for anyone planning on bringing their vehlce into Canada.

Tax Refund for Canadian Visitors
Visitors can find out here how to get back some of the taxes you paid while on vacation.

U.S. Travelers to Canada
Visitors from the United States are well advised to check out this well organized site for all you need to know before you arrive in Canada.

  Orange Ball  Reading List     Orange Ball  Videos
AAA Road Atlas 1999 : United States, Canada and Mexico (Serial)
The world's largest automobile club has designed their atlas with travellers in mind, with up to date information on new highways, and locations of cities and towns throughout North America and Mexico. Paperback

Adventure Guide to Canada's Atlantic Provinces
This adventure guide is a well laid out and organized travel manual for anyone planning a trip to the Atlantic Provinces. Each province has been broken down to geographical regions and under each region you will find things you want to know in order to make your trip more enjoyable. Paperback.

The Alaska Highway : An Insiders Guide
This excellent book covers everything you will need to know before you start the drive the most exciting highway in North America. Be sure to take it with you on the trip so you don't miss anything along the way. Includes hazards along the way and how to prepare your vehicle for the 2400km trip. Paperback

Alberta and the Northwest Territories Handbook : Including Banff, Jasper, and the Canadian Rockies (3rd Ed)
Every traveller into Alberta, the Canadian Rockies and the Northwest Territories will benefit fom the detail offered in this publication. Both common and obscure activites to suit every taste and budget are covered in an easy to use and understand format. Paperback

Atlantic Canada Handbook : New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador (2nd Ed)
The Atlantic provinces are open for inspection in this excellent handbook. If you are looking for the extraordinary in your vacation, this will serve as an excellent planning tool. Family vacations are not forgotten in the process. Highly recommended. Paperback

Bicycling the Pacific Coast : A Complete Route Guide, Canada to Mexico
Perfect for the biking/camping enthusiast with details important to those using people power to get places. If you are a cyclist and you don't have this book, you are missing out. Paperback

British Columbia Handbook : Including Vancouver, Victoria, and the Canadian Rockies (4th Ed)
One of those "dont-leave-home-without-it" books offering something for everyone. Highly recomended for visitors and locals alike. Paperback

Canada: A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit
Whether you are planning a trip to one Canadian city, one province or the entire country, this is a book you will want to pack with your toothbrush. To call it a comprehensive travel guide would be an understatement and do no justice to the fine work of the authors. Paperback.

Fodor's Toronto : The Complete Guide With Walking Tours, Museums, Restaurants, Shopping and Nightlife (Fodor's Gold Guides)
Edie Jarolim has looked at Toronto with a fresh perspective to help even locals rediscover Canda's largest city. As with any "Fodor's" the quality of information is supurb. Paperback

Canada: A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit
Whether you are planning a trip to one Canadian city, one province or the entire country, this is a book you will want to pack with your toothbrush. To call it a comprehensive travel guide would be an understatement and do no justice to the fine work of the authors.

The Milepost : Trip Planner for Alaska, Yukon Territory, Britsh Columbia, Alberta & Northwest Territories Spring '98 to Spring '99
Imagine one resource which covers everything from hotels and restaurants, to ferry schedules and phone numbers for attractions, and you would have "The Milepost". It is designed to help you sasve time and money on your vacation. Paperback

North Country : A Personal Journey
The author traveled along the border between Canada and the USA to celebrate his 50th birthday. This travelogue is a way you can make the same trip from your living room. Well written and insightful essay on the people who live along the longest undefended border in the world. Paperback

Nunavut Handbook; Travelling in Canada's Arctic
45 writers from the Nunavut contributed to this excellent guide to Canada's newest territory. Written for both the adverturesome traveller or the armchair traveller, if you only get one book about travelling in Nunavut - this is it. Paperback

Passport's Guide to Ethnic Montreal: A Complete Guide to the Many Faces & Cultures of Montreal
A city guide with a different perspective -- one that focuses on Montreal's many ethnic cultures. Tours of ethnic neighbourhoods along with listings of restaurants, clubs, cafes, bakeries and other shops make it easy to discover the ethnic aspects of the city. Paperback

Rand McNally 99 the Ultimate Road Atlas : Vacation Guide : United States Canada Mexico (Annual)
Rand McNally is known as the ultimate authority when it comes to maps. Commentary on interesting side trips makes this much more than a book of maps, but more like a travelling companion. This detailed road atlas is no exception. Paperback

Vacationing With Your Pet! : Eileen's Directory of Pet-Friendly Lodging : United States & Canada
Many people travel with their pets when they go on vacation. This directory, published in 1997, lists the accomodations which will accept your pet as part of your family. Paperback

  AAA Travel Video Series - Alaska and Yukon Territory
The last frontier is still live and well in the "True North" - Canada's Yukon Territory. This well made documentary allows you to see caribou in their natural habitat and Inuit hunters in kayaks. Pan for gold and take a dogsled ride from the comfort of your living room. Only available to residents of the USA.

AAA Travel Video Series - Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
The western provinces never looked this good. Excellent photography and very informative. Recommended! Only available to residents of the USA.

AAA Travel Video Series - Ontario
This video captures some of the highlights as it travels from Niagara Falls, around the Golden Horseshoe and up to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Only available to residents of the USA.

Call of the Wild, The: Dog of the Yukon
This Jack London story of the relationship between a man and his dog has been a favorite of adults and children since the turn of the century. Highly recommended for all ages. Narrated by Richard Dreyfuss. Only available to residents of the USA.

Canadian Bacon
Instead of visiting Canada, invade Canada - with John Candy. A patriotic sheriff is given the assignment to invade Canada. The last and possibly the best film Candy starred in. Only available to residents of the USA.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Wildlife
Take a Canadian wildlife safari and see wapiti, bighorn sheep, osprey, and the beaver in their natural habitats. Only available to residents of the USA.

Coastal Cruising in British Columbia
Planning a cruise to the west coast? This video is filled with everything you will need to know on this spectacular coastline. Only available to residents of the USA.

Great Canadian Parks
This three volume set covers some of the magnificent National Parks in Canada Visit some areas yet untouched by progress and protected forever by the Government of Canada. Only available to residents of the USA.

Jasper: Jewel of the Rockies
Discovery Channel Canada spared no expense in producing this breathtaking video about one of Canada's finest National Parks, which include beautiful alpine meadows and the Columbia Icefields. Only available to residents of the USA.

Last Train Across Canada
In just under two hours, Murray Sayle takes you across Canada from the Maritimes to Vancouver, a trip of 11,200 kilometres. An excellent documentary for those who want to see Canada from a different perspective. Only available to residents of the USA.

Laura McKenzie's Travel Tips - Western Canada
If you have never seen the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, the beauty of Butchart Garden or would like to see Vancouver, Banff and Calgary from a different perspective, this hour long video will allow you to marvel at the beauty of this fascinating country. Only available to residents of the USA.

National Geographic Video - Yukon Passage
James Stewart narrates the story of four men as they reenact how prospectors may have traveled the Yukon trail during the 1880's Gold rush. Only available to residents of the USA.

Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten star in this thriller about a bride plotting to kill her newlywed husband while honeymooning at Niagra Falls. Great scenery and lots of surprises.

On Top of the World - Canada
Thirty minutes is not much time to show the world's second largest country so this trip across Canada. Narrated by Anne Martin hardly does our country justice. If you are looking for a quick overview it is perfect. Only available to residents of the USA.

On Top of the World - Ontario
Ontario's historical sites are given a brief introduction, narrated by Anne Martin. There is just enough information here to get a person curious about packing their bags and heading to Central Canada. Only available to residents of the USA.

On Top of the World - Vancouver
I took me 15 years to find all the little places in Vancouver that add to the charm of this city. Thirty minutes gives you an overview, just enough to make you want to spend the time to visit this "Jewel of the Pacific". Only available to residents of the USA.

Passport Travel Series - Canada
The Passport Travel Series of videos does an excellent job of presenting an overview of Canada, ensuring they spend time to show the beauty and majesty of Canada from the Rockies to Montreal. Only available to residents of the USA.

Search for Canada's Most Secret Animal
This documentary is aimed at school children who try to guess the secret animal from clues about the animal's habits. Fun for younger children, boring for those over 12. Only available to residents of the USA.

Video Visits - British Columbia - The Rockies to the Pacific
This video will allow you to have a peek at the most scenic province in the Dominion. From the cities of Vancouver and Victoria to the wilds of the Thompson River and the magnificent Rockies. Only available to residents of the USA.

Video Visits - Discovering Canada
Visit coast to coast in just over an hour, from fishing in New Brunswick to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Dinosaurs in Drumheller dogsleds in the Yukon and Quebec City's Winter Carnival, are all shown here. Only available to residents of the USA.

Yellowstone to Yukon
Visit the northern Rocky Mountains and sample the wildlife found in this area of northern Alberta and British Columbia. Only available to residents of the USA. Search

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