Rapid Cash Advance Inc. - Approval Process
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Rapid Cash Advance Inc.
(250) 717-LEND (717-5363)


For FAST approval, call our office and provide us with the folowing information.

  •    Name and Address
  •    Birthdate
  •    Social Insurance Number
  •    Home Telephone Number
  •    Which financial institution you deal with
  •    Gross Pay
  •    Net Pay
  •    Job Title
  •    Date of your next pay
  •    Employer's Name and Phone Number
  •    Two Personal References

When you come to our office the first time, we will require


  •     Your latest bank statement

  •     Your latest telephone bill

  •     A blank cheque from a valid chequing account to be
        post dated until your next pay day

  •     Your last two pay stubs

  •     Picture identification


The second (and subsequent) time you need a loan for up to $500 against your pay cheque, just give us a call and we will have the paperwork ready when you arrive.

All we need is a new cheque to be post dated, and a copy of your latest pay stub.
The amount we are able to lend depends upon your net pay, not your credit rating.

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