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Okanagan Aboriginal AIDS Society Prevention Programs

Currently the only known cure for HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C (HCV) is prevention. In other words, a change of behavior is the only way to prevent the virus from spreading. Fortunately, there are established procedures designed to prevent the sharing of body fluids that can harbor the virus.


Where can I get a test for HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis?

Blood tests are available to anyone who wants them. Clinics listed below offer testing, or you can ask your family doctor. Results will be given to you in person about two weeks after the test. It is important to understand what test results mean, so you will receive counselling both before and after the test. If you are concerned about HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C affecting you or someone close to you, please talk to the staff here at the AIDS Resource Centre.

Your family doctor can also arrange for an HIV test. It will be confidential but not anonymous. We have found that some doctors are not comfortable with nor informed about HIV/AIDS, unless it is an extreme case. Please let us know if you need help finding competent medical support. We cannot stress too much the importance of pre and post-test counselling. You must understand what the test means, what the "window" period is after possible exposure and the need for 2 tests (one 3 months after the first exposure, and a second after another 3 months). Call us if you have any questions!

Note: Tests measure the presence of antibodies in your blood. Antibodies for HIV take three to six months after you are infected to reach a level the test can detect, so you may be asked to come back for a second test.

Clinic List
(Okanagan Health Region, south to north)
Please phone ahead to book an appointment.


Community Clinic/Agency Address
STD Clinic,
Penticton Health Unit
740 Carmi St, Penticton
(250) 770-3434
Lake Country
Kelowna Health Unit


Outreach Health Services

1340 Ellis St, Kelowna
(250) 868-7700


539 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna
(250) 868-2230
Vernon Health Unit


Street Nurse (North Okanagan Youth & Family Services)

1440 14th Ave, Vernon
(250) 549-5700


2900 32nd Ave, Vernon
(250) 545-3572
Salmon Arm
Salmon Arm Health Unit 851-16th St NE, Salmon Arm
(250) 833-4100
Revelstoke Health Unit 110 Mackenzie Ave, Revelstoke
(250) 837-7677


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