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Web and e-Résumés
Rewriting your resume for the 21st Century e-resumes and web based resumes.

Thank You
Writing a thank you note is not only good manners, it is also good business

Resume Banks
Are resume banks a waste of time or a valuable tool for work seekers?

Electronic Resumes
Make sure you cover all of your bases by using resumes designed to attract the attention of a scanner.

Student Resumes
Students' resumes need a little creative assistance to get over the lack of job experience.

Building a Resume
A resume is an art form in itself. Check out these tips for creating an effective document.

Resume Help
Blank piece of paper staring you in the face? Lots of places here can help you out.

Resumes for Dummies
by Joyce Lain Kennedy
This book offers step-by-step guidance to perfecting the first impression. Network Profile
Add your profile and start networking today.

Networking for Success
Using a network of contacts can reduce the time to find a job.

Networking On-Line
Resources to help you network with employers, career professionals and other workseekers. Chat Rooms, Bulletin Boards, Listservs and Forums.

Network Tools
Tools to help you network on-line easier - free email services, and resume creation tools.

Job Finding Clubs
These organizations have an excellent track record.

Where are the Jobs?
A report from Stats Can.

The Hidden Job Market - Part 3
Using your old school ties as a form of networking to find hidden jobs.

The Hidden Job Market - Part 2
Where do they hide those jobs anyway?

The Hidden Job Market - Part 1
A look at why knowledge of the 'hidden' job market is so vital.

  Orange Ball  Finding Jobs     Orange Ball  Reading List
Airline Jobs
Working for an airline is not just restricted to pilots and flight attendants.

Perspectives on Finding Work
Finding work can be made easier if work seekers took the perspective of the employers.

Newspaper Listings
See what is available in the Help Wanted section of newspapers from across Canada.

Job Banks and Resume Banks
Find jobs easier and faster using the tools provided within this huge resource base.

IT Headhunters
List of information technology resource firms who specialize in placement of high-tech personnel.

Engineering Jobs
Employment opportunities for qualified engineers.

Government Jobs
So, you want to be a civil servant... Lots of resources here to help you realize your dream.

Call Centre Jobs
Real jobs in call centres in many major cities in Canada

Communication Jobs
Jobs in the Communications and multimedia industry.

Banking Jobs
Find employment opportunities in Canada's financial institutions.

Aerospace Industry Jobs
Employment listing in the Canadian Aerospace industry.

What does a doula do?
Find out if this profession is right for you.

Librairie, en anglais, des meilleurs livres traitant de la recherche d'emploi. La lecture d'un de ceux-ci pourrait s'avérer ce dont vous avez besoin pour réussir.

Get Wired, You're Hired
Top quality book which belongs on the shelf of every Canadian looking for work.

A MUST HAVE for anyone even considering a change in employment. After you buy this edition, keep your eye on it! I lent out two copies of "1997" never to have them returned.

Electronic Resumes: A Complete Guide to Putting Your Resume On-Line
How to get your resume online, make it stand out among the thousands of others out there, and sort among the leading on-line employment services and bulletin board.

Getting to Yes!
Negotiation is the key to landing the job you want and need. The key to negotiation is making everyone believe that they're getting the better part of the deal.

Job Hunting for Dummies
Even experienced job hunters will be able to pick up some tips and maybe learn some new techniques.

Blue Collar and Beyond
Over 100 resumes covering the kinds of jobs for which resumes are now expected, but rarely discussed in most resume writing resources. The author defines "blue collar" as any job that does not require a college degree.

The best books on the subject of job searching are here. Reading one MAY give you the help you need to succeed.

  Orange Ball  Immigrating Here     Orange Ball  Fun Stuff
Want to come to Canada to work? here are some resources you will need.

Steps to Immigration
Here are some of the steps that you have to look forward to.

Immigrating to Canada
A MUST read if you are coming here from another country.

  The Dilbert Principle: A Cubicle's Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads, & Other Workplace Afflictions
Take a peek into the world of the cubicle dwelling Dilbert and his faithful companion Dogbert to see how middle management types deal with day-to-day realities of corporate life.

Employment IQ
Still hanging on to old concepts of work? Take this short quiz and find out.

  Orange Ball  Other employment sites     Orange Ball  Local Canadian Sites
Career Planning
Start out right by planning your career. it will save you time trouble and headaches in the future.

Job Searching
General site about job searching - mostly geared to the US market, but there are hundred of excellent tips which are useful in Canada also.

Technical Jobs
Technical jobs from all over the world are listed, with tips for the techies to get favorably noticed and hired.

Jobs for College Grads
Just graduated? Here is the site for you. Worldwide opportunities for the graduate with the freedom to relocate, or you may find work in your own city.

Work from home and telecommute to anywhere in the world.

Investing in Canada
Once you get working you will want to find a place to invest your earnings in Canada. no time like the present to think positively.

  Canada Far North
One of the best sites on the internet for real people living in any of Canada's Territories.

Regional information for residents of the city. Valuable data if you are considering relocating.

Find out about Calgary as the residents know it. Excellent resource whether you live there or are moving.

The capital of Alberta has much to offer all of its residents.

If you are looking for Prairaie life, or currntly live in Saskatoon, this is a great place to start looking for information.

Winnipeg has opened its doors for business and welcomes people from all areas to live and work there.

The Nation's Capital and one of my favorite cities. Find out more about Ottawa from someone who lives there.

Toronto is Canada's largest city and therefore has more employment opportunities. Find out what it is like to live there.

Montréal is a beautiful city and Canada's second largest city. Find out how anglophone and francophone live and work together in this multicultural city on the island.


Other sites of interest

Canada for Visitors.
Elke writes bi-weekly articles on everything you need to know about visiting Canada for holidays or business.  Hundreds of links broken down into catagories so you can find them easily.

Is it a HOAX? Check out my page on Internet hoaxes.

The Federation of Child and Family Services of British Columbia

The Federation of Child and Family Services of British Columbia (FCFS) was established in 1982 to create a province-wide network of community agencies providing services to children, youth and families.

North Okanagan Youth and Family Services Society
Come and see what these fine folks are doing in Vernon, B.C..

Westbank Chito-Ryu Society

A site dedicated to the benefit of the karateka who study under Sensei Chris Tanaeda.

Search Engine Page
Always being revised and updated

Sage Cyber Services
Site currently under a major renovation.

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